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The Opportunity

We are developing a decentralized holistic economic system that rewards you for participating in the Community. You can co-create alongside and within our Community.


Learn more about our model in our White Paper.

Here is how the system works for the different roles:


Builders & Makers

Designers, Developers, and Project Managers can join or start a project that builds on top of our tech stack. You will have access to technology, support from our team, and help from the Community. Builders and Makers will have an ownership stake in their creations.

> See Projects Here.


Content Creators & Marketers

You can create content or promote products made by the Community and earn % for each sale. Each of our products has a significant revenue sharing.



Coaches can use our Tech with clients and in workshops. We can feature your work in our communities.


Community Managers & Partnerships

Community managers can network with members and other communities and export our product to other communities.

>Join Project in Playgrounds

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