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What is the Personality NFT?

Turn your Personality into an NFT

We have developed the most complete Psychometrics Test which includes your Big 5 personality traits, value systems, identity and allows you to predict future behavior. You take our free Psychometrics Personality Test and then you will be able to turn your personality into an NFT. 

Personality NFTs will be minted on a first come first serve basis which gives you the opportunity to become one of the first people to have their personality minted on the blockchain.

Instant Trust & Privacy

The Personality NFT allows people to instantly share their personality with others and find people like minded people online and in our community. The NFT expedites TRUST while allowing you to remain private.

Community Owned 

Join your brethren and find a community of like minded individuals that help you achieve your goals!

These cards are very powerful. They can be used to learn about yourself, to learn about others, to find friends, to find business partners, and to achieve your goals in life. They also ​have multiple use cases for businesses such as, HR, dating, and can be utilized to help organize other DAOs.

A high tide raises all boats. As the Community Grows and creates value, then so will you. 

This project is a Community Owned Project. ​You are the owners!

Using the Personality Cards
in our Community

Personality NFT.png

The Personality NFT helps you discover what values motivate you most and what Goals inspire you to action. Meet friends who share your goals and can help you on your journey in our community.


We help you discover the best ways to work together in our DAO by leveraging the strengths of your personality and by providing you access to the right tools and people.

Our Goal is to make this project as accessible and as inclusive as possible so the maximum number of people can benefit. Just about everyone that wants to get a Personality NFT will be able to and the Personality NFTs will be minted on a first come first serve basis.

Join the Waitlist and become one of the first people to have their personality minted on the blockchain. The Personality NFT then acts as a  passport to our exclusive community. 

Genesis Collection

Community Ownership

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3rd eye different.jpg
3rd eye layer.jpg

Community ownership begins with the Visionary NFT Collection. As the project creates value, by helping its members achieve their goals, that value will be shared via the Visionary NFT Collection. 

Features & Utility

As value is created, there will be NFT Drops and Token Drops that reward holders.

Represents Community Ownership.

Access to Exclusive community that focus on Alpha.

This Collection will have massive value in our community going forward.


Phase 1:

Mint your Personality NFT

Project will be opened to everyone! Anyone will be able to take our personality test and mint their Personality NFT and get introduced to a community of friends.

Phase 2:

Visionary Collection of 1,000 Personality NFTs

Community ownership begins with the Visionary NFT Collection.


This collection is our Genesis and the best way to become a part of the project. It will be released 100 items at at time in order to stabilize prices and appreciation.

Phase 3:

Collection of 10,000 Dynamic Personality NFTs

Personality is Dynamic and the Personality NFTs should reflect this! The Dynamic Collection will allow you to dress up your card. Like clothes, you'll be able to switch outfits, accessorize and show people who you.


The Dynamic Collection of 10,000 NFTs will be the fist collection to feature dynamic accessories and will be a collectors item for our community members

Phase 4:

Personality Accessories NFTs

Dynamic cards and accessories will be opened to all. Anyone will be able to buy and sell accessories and dress up their Personality NFTs.

Phase 5:

Community Token

The Community Token will represent ownership in the community, its assets and earnings. The restricted supply insures that the price goes up as the community grows.

Phase 6:

The Game of Life

Imagine if a game could help you realize your potential, discover the deepest truths and pay you for it. 

We are building a model, where you are rewarded for Growing. The more you play the game, the more you learn about yourself and others and the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you earn in the game and in life.

Gamifying Meaning, Purpose & Joy

The ultimate goal of this project is to help you learn more about yourself, your personality and your values so you can become crystal clear on your purpose in life.

We are here to help you on your journey by connecting with friends who share your values and the right resources so you can create what ever it is that inspires you most and share it with others.